Shivshakti Traders

Established in 2012, Shivshakti Traders provides a wide range of hardware products under one roof, making it your one stop shop for all your hardware needs. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can provide you with the right products and solutions. We deal in both retail and wholesale trade and also provide contract based solutions to our customers.

We are running our business and winning hearts by serving impeccable Sanitary ware and Bathroom Fittings & Accessories. Abiding the Government specified laws and regulations, we are taking every step in the market and are sure to have our place in the top companies in the coming years. Integrity, high professionalism, fair trade practices and punctuality are some of the qualities of our company that are helping us in winning the trust of the clients and getting new customers from their referrals. Further, to establish ourselves in the market, we are making available products in huge variety and at shoestring budget.

Shivshakti Traders offers thousands of high quality products, representing most of the major product line categories. All of our products are offered in professionally produced assortments, or they can be purchased individually. Our quality standards are high. Each item must meet or exceed the quality of the other leading national brands. Independent laboratory tests are conducted to insure our products perform as promised and every item is covered by our manufacturer’s warranty. Dedication to customer service and customer satisfaction is paramount to the business of Shivshakti Traders.

Our Vision & Mission

To define elegance for every home & institution globally, with our high quality and reliable product line.

To deliver High Quality, Everlasting, Reliable & Economical Product Line. 

Our Managing Director's Message

  I thank you for visiting our website which must have given you a broad insight into our   organisation’s salient features, product profile, our accomplishments and our Mission   and Vision.

 Each client is like an extended family member to us. And like family, we understand   and anticipate your needs.

 It is our endeavor to deliver endless choice and enviable quality at endearing prices.   You will find products and solutions that can satisfy your needs on both ends of a   spectrum, whether your requirements are minimalist or luxurious.

Our office Retail Store

Our office Retail Store

Our office Retail Store